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We provide full-stack self-developed proactive virtual power plant specialized energy storage solutions

From Passive to Proactive

  • Proactive Safety, proactively predicting the battery cell status one week in advance and providing early warning of abnormal conditions four hours in advance

  • Proactive Maintenance, automatic inspection, unmanned operation, OTA upgrade, fault warning

  • Proactive package-level fault rapid removal and recovery

  • Proactive analysis of grid architecture

  • Real-time response to grid dispatch requirements

  • Demand-side response solutions

  • Power trading virtual synchronous machines

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From Dispersion to Aggregation


From Simple to Intelligent

  • Smart charging and discharging strategy, extending battery life by 500-1000 cycles

  • High-precision power generation & load forecasting

  • Intelligent power trading 95% fault self-recovery

  • intelligent fault root cause analysis

  • High-precision prediction of battery State of Health (SOH) and State of Charge (SOC), with an accuracy rate of 96%

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